Dog as assistant

The dog that helps people with disabilities who find it impossible to perform common tasks. This includes guidance (blind) dogs, dogs for the deaf and other assistance dogs

Rescue dog

Searches for lost people, people submerged in avalanches or scree from collapsed buildings and rescue in similar extreme conditions.


It helps hunters to search, track and find game, bringing the catch and so on.

Guard dog

Dog used for guarding buildings – houses, industrial premises and the like.

Police dog

A dog that is used for search of drugs, explosives, arrests the perpetrators. The application is particularly in the army, police, airports, security services and so on.


Shepherd and sheep dog

It helps in guarding and protecting the herds of cattle, horses, sheep and shepherd-handed when driven in herds.

Saňový pes

Pes ako súčasť športového psieho záprahu, ktorý sa ešte používa aj na prepravu zásob v extrémnych podmienkach ( najmä v polárnych oblastiach ).