Health is the most important thing you have, so it is very important to protect it. Not only your Health ,your children, but also your dog. You live in a society and must respect the needs of others. Clean and beautiful environment is very important for cultural and healthy society to which they belong. Dog faeces can contain various parasites (tapeworms, nematodes, …) and cause disease even though the dog breed in clean!

Spread of disease

Undetected excrement is full of bacteria, eggs of parasites, viruses and fungi, the influence of heat causes it to become dried and crumble into dust, and the dispersal is helped when the lawn is mowedin public spaces. The dried particles can also be transported by the wind leading to them entering the respiratory tract of humans and may also act as an allergen.

Some of the diseases transmitted from dog to man

  • Rabies – in humans is first recognized as a classic flu, the history of which is escalating and negatively affects the nervous system. Rabies is among the incurable disease.
  • Leptospirosis – begins with a fever, which passes into the abdominal, chest and kidneys, to the weakening of the entire immune system and mental condition.
  • Tularemia – sudden onset, fever surge of low back pain in the muscles and limbs, swollen regional lymph nodes. Dangerous is the transition to chronic form with new and new outbursts.
  • Listeriosis – can damage various organs of the body, therefore, the disease may present different, with clinical signs of involvement of the central nervous system (meningitis, encephalitis), diarrhea, urinary tract or angina, the most severe cases, such as severe fatal disease.
  • toxocariasis – roundworm – the larvae migrate to the liver and mainly produce the full range of symptoms: fever, fatigue, joint pain, abdominal muscles, swollen lymph nodes, skin rash, swelling of the liver …
  • Salmonellosis – diarrheal diseases, which is the origin of the bacterium Salmonella enteritidis. The most vulnerable are young children who are infected while playing in the sand. The disease is accompanied by watery diarrhea, high temperature and headaches.

It is estimated that 1 gram of canine excrement can contain 23 million faecal coliforms, which are known to cause convulsions, diarrhea, bowel disease and severe kidney in humans. It can also cause campylobacteriosis, e. coli, Giardia, parvovirus, tapeworms and coccidia.

So if you’re not going to remove dog excrement from the ground, in the manner that some of these bacteria can be kept will be present in the soil for years!

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