It should be noted that the ECO DOG TOILET station is a revolutionary new device with which to be used by a dog owner and dog himself, first to familiarize and learn to use it properly and regularly.

The simplicity and effectiveness of ECO DOG TOILET stations can be divided into a 6-easy steps.

Simple and effective contribution to a cleaner and more
beautiful world.

1. The dog is attracted to the station

ECO DOG TOILET station attracts dogs and actively supports their urge to go the toilet thanks to a special folder containing dog pheromones, which is gradually released around the station. This component works with the dog pheromones for dogs soothing and supports marking of their own territory.

2. The dog’s owner support

Cooperation of dog owners in this environmental is very important because the dog should be encouraged initially to carry out the necessary at the ECO DOG TOILET stations, especially during morning walk. The ECO DOG TOILET station has convenient access that allows the dog owner to attach a dog leash to a hook, which is located on the post station.

3. The dog takes the necessary

The owner lets the dog instinctively go to the toilet.
Then it is advisable dog to commend or reward, to get a dog toestablish a habit in the ECO DOG TOILET station.

4. The owner disposes of solid excrement

Dog owner scoops solid excrement using the enclosed blade and a portion of the absorbent material and throws it into the plastic bag, which is located in a protective basket on the ECO DOG TOILET station.

5. Urine is filtered

Remnants of excrement and urine defecated over the absorption mass is then passed through the filter element, which neutralises pathogens, odour, pH and acidity.

6. The result is a harmless liquid filtration