Benefits of ECO DOG TOILET

Even without direct contact, dog faeces pose a potential risk. Undetected excrement is full of bacteria, eggs of parasites, viruses and fungi, the influence of heat causes it to become dried and crumble into dust, and the dispersal is helped when the lawn is mowedin public spaces. The dried particles can also be transported by the wind leading to them entering the respiratory tract of humans and may also act as an allergen.

ECO TOILET DOG is a solution to all the problems when walking dogs.

  • Removal of solid and liquid dog excrements at playgrounds, residential areas, parks, public areas, service stations, rest areas, surrounding apartment buildings and shopping centres, as well as houses.
  • Installing ECO TOILET DOG STATION improves the natural and social environment of the area.
  • Reduces the risk of the spread of canine diseases, including zoonosis which is transmissible to humans, this endangers small children especially who play in places where dogs are taken for walks.
  • There is a reduction in the contamination of the water, but also soil pollution caused by animal excrement, thereby better and more beautiful environment and eliminates the unpleasant odour of urine and dog faeces.

ECO DOG TOILET is formed for breeders and dog owners to create an environment and hygienic conditions that is better for them and other people using them.

They do not need to create designated areas for walking dogs.
Simply just install ECO DOG TOILET station!

Using ECO TOILET DOG STATION prevent soiling of public spaces, drying lawns, bushes, trees, rust benches, lighting columns, traffic signs and playground equipment.

This will prevent the spread of contagious diseases that are transmitted from dog to man while making the world cleaner and more beautiful.

Other benefits

The main benefit is cleaner, nicer and healthier environment forall of us.
While ECO DOG TOILET station provides a source of income from the rental of advertising space located at the top of the station.

  • reduce the cost of renting ECO TOILET DOG STATION by selling advertising space
  • increase cost of advertising in locations with high frequency of people
  • The possibility for companies to profit from advertising (products and services for dogs, and the services of local businesses,etc…)
  • Attractive for advertising agencies
  • political advertising
  • Information on local events
  • easy identification ECO TOILET DOG STATION from a distance
  • Benefits for dog owners and community